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Our company is engaged in the production of immunobiological drugs. in particular BACTERIOPHAGES.

LLC “NIHOL BIOMED” is engaged in the production of bacteriophages – safe drugs alternative to antibiotics.

Our company dates back to the 90s, at the time of the NIHOL plant, the first pharmaceutical plant in Uzbekistan!

At that time, the development of the bacteriophage market was just beginning.


Diseases caused by pathogenic microorganisms are quite widespread in the world. Treatment is carried out mainly with sulfaamides and antibiotic drugs, as a result of which pathogens resistant to these drugs accumulate in the body, as well as their side effects.

The entire Team of NIHOL BIOMED LLC is constantly interested in news related to phage therapy and bacteriophages, studies the world market. The use of Bacteriophages (phage therapy) in Uzbekistan, as well as throughout the world, is developing rapidly, and are safe drugs for the human body. In connection with the current situation in our Republic and in other countries, it is necessary to expand the production of bacteriophage preparations for the harmless treatment of bacterial diseases caused by pathogenic cultures as soon as possible.


At the moment, NIHOL BIOMED LLC produces such drugs as:


BIOPHAG – bacteriophage staphylococcal liquid.


PUROFAG – pyobacteriophage polyvalent purified (complex)


ENTEROPHAG– inteti-bacteriophage (complex)


LLC “NIHOL BIOMED” is the first and only manufacturer of complex bacteriophages in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan!

We plan to open a phage therapy center in the near future! This will be the first center in Uzbekistan and Central Asia!

Also, our entire team is focused on the study and development of bacteriophages \ phage therapy in gynecology, reproduction, and cosmetology.


LLC “NIHOL BIOMED” is ready to cooperate and share its knowledge, experience and secrets in the development of bacteriophages and phage therapy in the World.


Our advantage is –  high quality!

Our main goal is to develop! Enter the global market. Show the World the achievements and development of Uzbekistan in the pharmaceutical industry!

Reach the level of world giants, such as:



We also want to contact organizations that produce drugs against bacterial infections, participate in international seminars, conferences, and improve our knowledge in this area.

We look forward to close communication and cooperation!